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Clear View Window and Gutter Cleaning was started in 1993 and has grown to become a to choice by homeowners, business owners and property managers for Window Cleaning, Gutter Clearing and Pressure Washing services.

The goal of Clear View is to provide the best service at a competitive price. To accomplish this the company listens to its customers and has an experienced, knowledgeable crew that can handle a wide range of service needs. Trust our experienced crew to handle all of your window, gutter cleaning and pressure washing.

After over 25 years of professional window cleaning and gutter cleaning services in Santa Cruz…

Clear View has become the largest and most well equipped company in the area. We are well trained in the use of very high ladder work, boom lifts, roof rigging, staging and resolving difficult roof and window access issues. Because of this our team has always been able to get the job done!

Commercial Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

The appearance and cleanliness of your windows are critically important to you, your staff, visitors and clients.

Window Cleaning

Professional window cleaning adds instant warmth and beauty to your home.

Gutter and
Roof Cleaning

Properly maintained Gutter and Roof can protect wall, siding, windows, doors, and foundations from water damage.

Power Washing

Power Wash Cleaning is the most effective and affordable answer to bring back the beauty and pristine to your faded buildings, roof, parking lot, common areas, driveways, footpaths, patios, walls and tiled areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for Window Cleaning and Rain Gutter Clearing Service?

Our fees are based on the size and scope of the project and our minimum fee is $175. Generally, this rate will cover either the windows or the roof and gutter clearing for a 1500 square foot (or so) single story home with either a composite or shake roof. Many factors can raise this including: difficulty reaching the windows, houses on a steep hill, multiple stories on the home, specialty roofing materials (usually tile or metal) or particularly steep roofs. Clear View will provide you with a clear breakdown of the costs of our services for your approval before we begin the work, so you will always know what to expect from our window cleaning and gutter clearing services.

How often should I clean my windows and gutters?
This is somewhat dependent on where you live. Homes very close to the beach will likely need their windows cleaned several times a year due to bird droppings and the residue left by the ocean mist and spray. Homes with a lot of trees will likely need their gutters cleared two to three times a year due to debris falling from the trees. For a home in a “normal” area then unless you have pets, children, smokers, remodeling, or other window dirtying activities, washing the windows inside and out, plus screens once a year and an additional outside only cleaning once a year is appropriate. For the roof and rain gutter clearing once a year is a good target. Window cleaning can also be done as Spring cleaning, or for the holidays, special occasions, parties, or company visits.
When is the best time to use Clear View’s service?
The best time to use Clear View’s services are when you want to enjoy clean glass or have the gutters cleared before significant rainfall. In our areas the rain tends to slow down in the April-May timeframe and start in earnest in the Fall/Winter. Our busiest time of year is after Memorial Day for window washing and from September to January for roof and gutter clearing. We are also seeing more and more customers have their roof and gutters cleared in the summer as a fire control method.
How do you perform window cleaning or gutter clearing?
To clean most windows, we use a scrubber (or mop) and squeegee. For some difficult to reach glass we might use our water-fed systems. These systems have a large filter to remove the stain causing elements of normal tap water and allow us to reach windows up to four stories high.

For roof and rain gutter clearing we generally climb on the roof and use a leaf blower to clear the roof and gutter of debris. We then collect the debris that has fallen to the ground. In some cases, as in a clogged gutter or when the gutter is particularly wet, we will scoop out the debris by hand.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept checks, cash, and credit cards. Unless you have made prior arrangements, payment is due at the time of service.
Do I have to be home for you to perform your service?
If you want the glass on the inside of the house to be cleaned or if we need access to a balcony or other restricted area, then an appropriate adult will need to be present. However, with your permission we can clean the outside windows or roof and gutters if you are not home. However, you will need to be present to pay for our service at the completion of the work.
What kind of warranty or guarantee does Clear View offer?
We want you to be happy with our work. If you are concerned about something we have done, let us know and we will work with you to resolve the matter. If we need to send someone out again to reclean something more thoroughly, clean something we have missed or clean up after ourselves we will. If we have broken something (such as a screen) at your home, then we will repair the item or pay for its repair. For roof and gutter clearing if there is a clog discovered after the first rain and within 30 days of our visit then we will come and fix the clog at no charge.
What is not included in your service?
Our normal window cleaning service does not include the removal of large amounts of plaster, paint, tape, stickers, overspray, or other matter upon a window. In addition, our normal service does not include hard water removal or repairing windows that have been fogged (that is water that has gotten between the panes of double paned window. We can often remove excess debris or hard water stains, but there is an additional charge. In addition, we will not clean glass that is broken or cracked.

For roof and gutter clearing, there is an extra charge for small repairs or if there is a severe clog in the downspout. In addition, if we must remove a downspout to remove a clog there is an extra charge. We are also unable to clear clogs below ground. For that a plumber is required. Finally, if there is a downspout that goes inside a building (sometimes called a scupper) we will generally not be able to clear this clog as the risk of poking a hole in the downspout and causing a leak inside the building is too great.

What other services do you provide besides window cleaning and gutter clearing?
We offer power wash cleaning which is the most affordable and effective way to bring back the beauty and pristine quality to faded or stained buildings, roofs, patios, tiled areas, and parking lots.

We also offer Solar Panel Cleaning that ensures that you get the most from your solar panels. It is the best way to protect your investment by ensuring you get peak performance from your system, extend the life of your solar panels and maintain your manufacturer’s warranty.

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